Anatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy and Physiology 

These are the following book that you must already read it earlier in your career and professionals. In order for this assignment to be completed efficient and effectively; you must have a science, health, medicine background or hold a degree in Biochemistry or combination of education in field qualified for this work.

From the 12 pages: It will be divided up as accordingly as follows: There is a total of 6 body system; so that means. For every body system you do, it must be 2 pages filled content along with cover page, Turning head, and three references for each system,and all work will need to be in an in text citation. One of the references can be the textbook called: Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals- Second addition as mention earlier in the above. And the other two references can be from an internet reliable sources that ends in .gov, .edu, .org and etc. As well as the second book I mention above.

For each system: You will define a common pathology for each body system. You will next examine how this pathology effects one other body system. Next is record the symptoms that patient may experience. Next discuss how pathology contributes to the symptoms. Next Illustrate the treatment related to the pathology. Next generate the potential for the patient to experience some form of disability from pathology and its treatment.

Format requirements:
 Essay must be typewritten, 2 pages but not more than 3 pages not including the title page and reference page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font only. Use standard 1 inch margin.
 Title page: Include the body system name, your name and the collage’s name.
 The running header: will be the body system name and the page number
 Content Pages:
 Each bullet point must be succinctly answered. Correct spelling and grammar must be used –
complete sentences, correct punctuation, proper paragraphing are required for a passing
 Write contents in own words, paraphrasing your reference material clearly and briefly,
explain all medical terms. Do not copy from reference books. (PLAGARISM!)
 You MUST reference in the text this paraphrased material (Author, year).
 You may use minimal quotes from sources. The quoted material needs to be in quotation
marks: “This is the day that we will succeed” (Author, year, page #).
 Please refer to the QWL APA guide in the library for assistant with citing text. Please use

The college APA guideline and necessary material is attached. Pleased refer to grading rubric at the end to make sure you exceed grades requirement.

So, in all the instruction and question needed to be answer correctly is pretty self explanatory inside the guideline for your review in attached guideline. If not refers to this paper instruction. However pleased review the attach guideline instruction for full details in case I forgot to mention something.

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