“300”Please AGREE or DISAGREE with the following statement. You must use 4 sources to support position. You must use this book as part of you position. “Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, Exchanges” and the comic 300 as well as your viewing of the Hollywood film 300

Some aspects of the 300 movie and comic book by Frank miller are very similar to the war that took place between the Greeks (Spartans) who’s leader was king Leonidas and the Persians Led by Kings Xerxes. Some characteristics in the movie related to the real battle are that The Spartans were highly trained and prepared to get ready for war. At birth the Spartans babies were checked for defects, if the child had any abnormalities they would be discarded since this would be consider a weakness in the Spartans society. Furthermore, just like the movie the child would have been taken away from his family at the age of seven for a formal military training until adulthood. So on a fiction no reality by Miller in this movie was that the boy would have to kill a wolf as a ritual or right of passage, when in reality he would have to sneak in and kill a slave without being noticed, If he was caught in the act he was severely punished, not for killing or trying to kill another person but for actually getting caught. Just like the movie, Leonidas military were based on 300 hundred Spartans but the author took the liberty no too specified that in the real battle they were helped by neighbor Athens armies. One similarity between the movie and the real battle was the power of women and the important role that they represented.

In my opinion author miller should have followed the real history line since this movie was supposed to be a representation of a very important and crucial time in history. For instance, if someone is not familiar with the real facts that occurred in these battles or history in general, then this person would have an idea of what happed but also a misconception of these events.